'The saga of SARAS begun in 1976 as Sara Spices'

About Us

The saga of SARAS began in 1976, as Sara Spices. It soon became a major player in domestic as well as international market place, by processing and marketing quality spices like pepper, turmeric, chilly, coriander, and garam masalas. Saras masalas and curry powder are popular among both chefs and housewives from different parts of the world.

Growth of Saras as an unparalleled leader in Global Food Market:

The SARAS Research & Development team are always keen to understand the needs of the modern day families, the reason why we constantly come up with nifty products that include a unique line of assortment 100% organic gourmet spices and other food products that make cooking easier and enjoyable. Saras is where you can find best in flavourful curry powders, organic curry masalas, and other custom seasoning blends with the highest level of quality. Apart from these, we also offer a variety of ‘ready to cook’ and ready to eat products, apart from top-quality fortified masala granules. Our spices, blended seasonings, and other food products are offered in a variety of economical, conveniently packed in decomposable bags.

Being a FSSAI and Agmark certified company, we are dedicated to maintaining sustainable sourcing and stringent quality standards. Our ready to cook / ready to eat products are manufactured in HACCP certified units, and are also approved by Export promotion council and FDA of USA. All our food products are processed naturally, without using radiation or ETO chemical sterilization, which are some of the common practices in food products and seasoning industry.

We source our spices from the best producers in the country, and later handpick the finest and freshest, with the help of a team of competent spice experts. With our state-of-the-art grinding mill and processing plant, SARAS can assure 100% hygiene, in quality in manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of all our food products. As products are susceptible to bacterial spoilage and poisoning, we use rigid sterilization methods to destroy micro organisms and successfully prevent re-contamination.

We are committed to providing pure organic seasonings & food products that are completely free from artificial preservatives, chemicals, and additives- what so ever.


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