About Us

SARAS began its journey in 1976
under the brand name Sara Spices.

New innovations in kitchen supplies were gaining momentum in the 70s, the increasing number of working women being a major contributing factor. Although Malayali households had begun to wrap their heads around grinders and mixers, preparing masalas from scratch was still a time-consuming chore for women. Packaged curry powder would make their lives a lot easier, we figured out. Non-resident Malayalees on the active lookout for quick-fix Kerala cuisines would benefit a great deal too. Back in the time, Indian spices were not easily accessible abroad. Even if you manage to scrape together a few spices, they couldn't match the authentic taste of Kerala curry masala.

Growth of Saras as an unparalleled leader in Global Food Market

Saras Spices was a breath of fresh air in the market. We handpicked high-quality pepper, turmeric, chilly, and coriander, among other unique spices integral to Kerala cuisines straight from the farmers. They were then grounded, processed, and packaged in our manufacturing units and sold under our brand name Sara Spices. In a short span of time, Saras masalas and curry powders became a rage among housewives and chefs across the world owing to the authentic flavor they bring to the dining table.

Being an FSSAI and Agmark certified company, we strictly adhere to food and health quality standards. Our ready-to-cook / ready-to-eat products are manufactured in HACCP certified units approved by the Export Promotion Council and the FDA, USA. All our food products are processed naturally refraining from hazardous methods like radiation and ETO chemical sterilization rampant in the food industry. We make use of retort technology to sterilize food products and keep microbes at bay. Retorting is introducing heat to low acid foods which are otherwise prone to microbial spoilage, in air tight containers to extend their shelf life. The goal of retort processing is to obtain sterilization by application of heat and avoiding preservatives. This technology was developed and perfected by NASA and currently being used by the US army forces to provide nutritious and tasty meals to their personnel.


We source our spices from the best producers in the country. With the help of our team of experts, we handpick the finest and freshest spices, put them through different stages of cleaning and drying, and send them for processing to our state-of-the-art plants and grinding mills. As food products are susceptible to bacterial spoilage and poisoning, we use rigid sterilization methods to destroy microorganisms and eliminate re-contamination. SARAS assures you hygiene and quality on par with international standards in all stages of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Saras research & development team stays updated on the market trends and looks into the emerging needs of modern families. Through careful research, analysis, and testing, we launch innovative food products to make cooking easier, faster, and enjoyable. We are committed to bringing pure, authentic, and unadulterated flavors to your table for that divine 'thaninadan' dining experience.

-Our Certifications-

The SARAS Research & Development team are always keen to understand the needs of the modern day families, the reason why we constantly come up with nifty products that include a unique line of assortment 100% organic gourmet spices and other food products that make cooking easier and enjoyable. Saras is where you can find best in flavourful....


All Saras products are AGMARK certified conforming to the set of standards mandated by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an attached office of the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. The tests include chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, pesticide residue, and aflatoxin analysis.

Retort Technology

We employ retort technology in food packaging to sterilize food products and ensure effective shelf stability. When it comes to ready-to-cook products, most people are apprehensive about the quality of food products and whether they are safe to consume. But with retort packaging, the food products are heated in hermetically sealed containers to prevent microbial spoilage.